NBC's Revolution Map Shows The Various Areas Of Rule In The Former U.S.

This week’s episode of NBC’s Revolution took a more in-depth look at Captain Tom Neville’s past, as well as gave us a little bit better understanding of what makes the men tick in the Monroe militia. The one thing audiences don’t have a huge grasp on thus far is what is going out in the world outside the bounds of the Monroe Republic’s grasp. It’s tough to tell, but thanks to a new map of the United States 15 years post-blackout, we have a bit of a rough idea of what is going on, at least in the U.S. part of North America. Since boats seem to be inoperable at this point, we could have a while to go to get elsewhere.

The map was flashed onscreen during this week’s episode, but Entertainment Weekly has cleaned it up and brought it into high resolution for fans. At one point, I was definitely under the impression the militia had a slightly larger grasp on the country than it does, but that view has definitely been changing in recent episodes.

The map certainly solidifies how chaotic the world has become since the blackout. I mean there are six—count ‘em—six different areas under (assumedly) different sorts of military-type rule. This leaves plenty of opportunity for chaos and border battles, and could ultimately lead to some pretty epic adventures. Revolution has started with a few pretty small-scale plotlines, but the series certainly has the potential to go big.

NBC’s Revolution airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
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