Two lovely ladies will be appearing on a special episode of ABC's light-hearted, police procedural Castle, and it just so happens, oddly enough, that they both have a history working with lead Nathan Fillion. On the series Fillion plays the titular crime-novelist who is paired with an actual detective, played by the lovely Stana Katic, in order to alleviate a block and find more material. Now, back to the female guests...

A few days ago, TVLine reported that Kristen Lehman will appear early on in the fourth season and act as a love-interest (wedge) of sorts for Castle (and Beckett). Lehman is perhaps best known for her recent work on AMC's The Killing (which I, like many others, loved/hated) but I first saw her in the under-appreciated Way of the Gun. TVLine added that her character would be "a gorgeous, sexy, sophisticated art insurance investigator who takes an immediate liking to Castle (but who is also harboring a surprising past)." Oh, harboring surprising pasts...aren't they all? The surprising past may be that these two actors, Lehman and Fillion, previously worked together on a Fox pilot called Drive.

Now on to lady number two, who, like Fillion, got her start on the soap One Life to Live, which is odd since the character she's now known for is kind of living a second life, even if it's a dead one. True Blood actress Jessica Tuck, who plays the public face of vampirism, Nan Flanagan, will also be making a guest appearance on the ABC series. According to TVLine:

The actress will play a wealthy museum benefactor who becomes a suspect in a murder investigation. This is the same episode that features The Killing's Kristin Lehman as an art insurance investigator and a potential lust interest for Nathan Fillion's titular detective.

Should prove to be a pretty eventful episode for Beckett and Castle, adding not one but two attractive ladies for Nathan Fillion's writer to charm (and for Beckett to possibly arrest?).

Castle returns to ABC for Season 4 on September 19th at 10 p.m.

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