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Netflix has spent the last few months bidding for original projects and then working to put all the fine details together to produce some programming. So far, the company has been pretty successful with the first portion of these endeavors, placing orders for new episodes of Arrested Development as well as creating original series’ House of Cards and Lillyhammer. The former is coming from David Fincher and Kevin Spacey; the latter hit Netflix today.

If you check out the Watch Instantly feature on your Netflix account starting right now, you will find Lillyhammer, a story about a dude (Steven Van Zandt) who enters the witness protection program and moves to Lillehammer, Norway, only to find life is a wee bit different than what he had dreamt. The cool thing about the Lillyhammer release is that it won’t come to Netflix in installments. All eight first season episodes are ready to be streamed, today.

The format may be a little different from what cable watchers are used to, but it suits Netflix’s audience and capabilities just fine. If people end up becoming fans of the series, it will probably be better to space the viewings out rather than trying to watch them within the space of a couple of days. There’s no point in racing through a good thing when God only knows how long it’ll be until we get round two. You can check out the trailer, below.

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