A recent binge-watch of The Office brought to light several great appearances by actors who were either lesser known, or at the very least, on the rise to screen success when they first appeared on the NBC series. In fact, we found ten actors whose paths crossed with the Dunder Mifflin staff before they hit bigger fame with other roles.

To be clear, these aren't guest appearances. With more than 200 episodes aired before The Office wrapped up, the series has seen some great guest spots and cameos in its time. However, this list focuses on actors you may not have recognized at the time of their appearance, but are much better known today.

Amy Adams
Appearance: Season 1, Episode 6 (finale) - "Hot Girl" (first appearance. 2 additional appearances in Season 2)
Role: Katy

With three appearances in The Office, including the titular role in the Season 1 finale, not to mention girlfriend status to one Jim Halpert, there's a good chance you did know Amy Adams was in The Office. But considering her steep rise to fame -- including five Oscar nominations, four of which she earned after her Office appearances -- there's no doubt that Adams deserves a spot on this list. The American Hustle star entered The Office as a purse peddling "hot girl" and exited as Jim's discarded flame during "Booze Cruise."

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