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First they make us wait an extra week for a new episode of The Office and then they throw a flashback episode at us? What’s that about? Ok, in truth, I can’t really complain about tonight’s episode. A flashback episode of The Office is actually an opportunity to re-live and re-enjoy some of the best and most ridiculous moments of the series.

Tonight’s episode had a banker visiting Dunder Mifflin Scranton to fact-check and scope the place out. With corporate being bought out, Michael’s now the highest-ranking employee at Dunder Mifflin, which is just… scary. So after trying to impress Mr. Banker with a fancy fake-robot phone a stand-in Stanley and a rented sports car, the banker sits down with Toby (decoyed briefly by Dwight) to discuss any potential issues at the branch. Cut to numerous flashbacks of everything from the various sexual-harassment issues, the fights, shenanigans and of course, the numerous romances.

I’m pretty sure there were some clips amidst the flashbacks that weren’t in the actual episodes. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall the “That’s what she said” remarks that came from Michael encouraging Phyllis to let the hot dog slide down her gullet. Regardless, most, if not all, were previously aired bits and definitely some of the finest moments in the series. They even managed to get one of my favorite moments in there (Kevin spilling the chili all over the floor).

Did the plot progress? Not really. Did anything really exciting happen? Nope. Were there any new classic Office moments during the non-flashback portions of the episode? Not that I can think of. Still, even though I’ve seen every episode of this series numerous times, there are plenty of moments in the show that I can’t get enough of and the various times I found myself laughing out loud tonight was evidence of that.

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