After his tenure on the hit-but-soapy drama One Tree Hill ended, Chad Michael Murray sort of had a slow start out of the gate, only managing a few movie roles before returning to One Tree Hill to appear on one of the series’ final episodes. With that guest appearance out of the way, Murray’s TV future seemed a whole lot less certain. Luckily, it seems he is headed in a surefooted direction, thanks to hooking up with Natalie Portman, figuratively, of course.

Murray is headed to ABC to star in Scruples, an upcoming fashion drama that will be executive produced by Portman, alongside Jessica McNamee and Boris Kodjoe, who produced a 1980 mini-series of the same name and content. The drama will follow Claire Forlani as a fashion designer in Los Angeles who opens her own boutique after her husband dies. According to TV Line, Murray will be on board to play Spider, a former fashion photographer and creative director who works for the fashion line.

It doesn’t actually shock me that Murray is set for another role playing a creative type. One Tree Hill pitted the handsome actor as a writer, a role that I once heard Murray state might have been based a little bit on his real life writing endeavors. While fashion and photography are, by no means, the same artistic medium as writing, I think once Murray figures out the proper way to hold a camera and talk about clothing, he will have no trouble being exactly what Scruples needs. He already has that creative flair, which should bode well for Portman’s first TV production project.

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