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As some of us find ourselves glued to our TVs watching "just one more episode" of House of Cards' recently premiered second season -- unless you've already plowed all the way through it -- Netflix is lining up the second season of another anticipated returning series. Orange is the New BlackSeason 2 has a new teaser, along with an official premiere date. The series' full second season will arrive on Netflix on Friday, June 6, 2014.

That's actually about a month ahead of the original season's start. Season 1 got going on July 11. But last year, Netflix had Hemlock Grove and Arrested Development lined up in the Spring, which may have affected the decision to hold Orange for July. This year, while Hemlock Grove will be back for a second season at some point, Arrested Development won't, so there's one less original series on the line-up for the streaming video service. Those of us who loved the prison-set drama's first 13 episodes are unlike to complain that we'll get Season 2 a bit sooner.

The new teaser gives us a look at some of our favorite characters from the series, including Red (Kate Mulgrew), Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), Nicky (Natasha Lyonne), Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and others. And it all counts down to the sight of Taylor Schilling's Piper Chapman looking a little scary. Is she upset about something or just angry? Either way, after the way the first season ended, people might not be so quick to mess with her anymore.

Speaking of the way last season ended (stop reading now if you're not caught up! And kind-of spoiler alert even if you are...), absent from the teaser is Taryn Manning. Where's Pennsatucky? Too injured to be around? Or did Piper's beating mess her up so much that Netflix doesn't even want to show her to us until the premiere starts? The state of the character is certainly potential spoiler territory, but Deadline did report last summer that Manning will be back on Orange is the New Black as a series regular, so we will see her sooner or later!

Also missing from the teaser is Laura Prepon. We heard last August that she was leaving the series, but the update last Fall was that she'd be back for four episodes to reprise her role as Alex, Piper's on/off girlfriend and part of the reason Piper landed herself in prison to begin with. In terms of what the teaser shows, we don't get much more than a glimpse of the characters, but based on this shot of Daya (Dascha Polanco), it looks like maybe Valentine's Day will factor in somehow? Either that or some other romantic event...


We'll find out how this scene and all the rest factor in when Orange is the New Black premieres its second season in June!

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