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We’ve known for a short time that CBS is keeping some of The Good Wife cast in the family by creating a spinoff that will follow Diane Lockhart and a few other characters. However, there’s been one huge question on our minds since the spinoff series was announced. Will Alicia Florrick ever make an appearance on the new drama? Given the events during the series finale, the answer may surprise you. Recently, executive producer Michelle King said that including Alicia Florrick in some capacity might be in the cards.

During a recent interview, TV Line asked Michelle King what the spinoff was hoping to do about Alicia. Here’s what the former Good Wife showrunner had to say about the series she will be executive producing for CBS All Access.
We might [see Alicia]. It’s all being conceived right now.

It’s not really a huge surprise that there’s no definitive answer yet regarding which of The Good Wife characters will appear in the spinoff. CBS All Access isn’t expected to premiere the series until 2017, which means there is a long way to go in development before we get to see what Diane Lockhart and Co. are up to. While we do expect the character of Luca Quinn to be the other big returning person in the spinoff, we don’t know too much else about the cast. We do, however, know that the new series will pick up one year after the events in The Good Wife finale, which should mean a lot has changed in the time since the CBS drama originally aired.

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During the run of The Good Wife, Alicia and Diane were not always totally simpatico. The two women often had disagreements about cases, as well as power struggles, as Alicia was much lower on the food chain during the early run of the CBS drama. However, both women seemed to respect one another throughout the run of the series, that is until the finale, when Alicia totally destroyed any goodwill that Diane had left for her. While her husband was on trial, Alicia requested that Diane’s husband Kurt be an expert witness during the case, and she brought up an affair he had with another woman in front of Diane--and everyone in the courtroom. The series ended on a shocking note, with Diane finding Alicia and swiftly slapping her. It’s hard to see how any sort of reconciliation could happen between the two women, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Alicia and Diane are antagonists when the spinoff begins. Still, they work in the same business and there would be opportunities to bring Alicia in, should Julianna Margulies' upcoming schedule and the storyline allow her to appear.

The Good Wife spinoff will likely start casting in earnest soon. We'll keep you updated as the new CBS All Access series moves forward. For now, you can find out what CBS is airing this summer with our TV premiere schedule.

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