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Earlier today, we teased the first half of the new trailer for Ron Moore's Starz adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. Fans were encouraged to share a #WhereIsClaire hashtag to promote the new Outlander Community page, and in return, Starz would release the new trailer for the series. Well, fans came through and fast. Hours later, the trailer has arrived, and as we hoped, it gives us a few new glimpses of the series, which has yet to receive an official premiere date.

The emphasis on this particular trailer is on how easily people go missing. In Claire's case, being found might be a bit trickier, however as Claire disappears through time, ending up in 18th century Scotland. As the trailer indicates, the story actually begins in the past -- from our perspective, anyway -- as Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) is a World War II combat nurse on vacation in Scotland with her husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies), when she visits a mysterious rock formation and falls through time. From there, it's a matter of keeping her wits about her as she tries to figure out what's going on while simultaneously trying not to die. As the trailer indicates, the backdrop involves redcoats firing muskets in her direction, and of course, the Scottish Highland warriors like the gallant Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), whom Claire is forced to marry.

The new trailer seems to emphasize Claire being torn between two lives and two loves. She's happily married to Frank in her past (err, future) life, but falling for the brave and protective Jamie in her new life. He promises to keep her safe, and he means it.

Among the interesting shots in the trailer, we have Frank looking like he's seen a ghost...


And two very different glimpses of Claire. This one, looking timid and scared as she asks what happens when Jamie's not with her...

Claire scared

And this one, where she's looking a bit less timid. Honeymoon, perhaps?


Whatever's happening here, it seems like she has the situation under control.

And speaking of sigh-worthy Jamie Fraser moments, here he is telling Claire to be careful...


Another great trailer for Outlander! One last thing worth noting is just how beautiful this series looks already. There are some incredible, scenic shots of Scotland in this video, and some great camera angles that gives an eyeful of both the beautiful setting and the drastically different time periods...

The past...

Claire and frank

And the pastier...


Outlander arrives on Starz this Summer. Check out the series' new community page here.

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