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As promised, Starz has delivered another sip of Outlander to quench (or taunt) our thirst during the great #Droughtlander of 2014-2015. This taste comes in the form of the opening scene, which includes an intro from Ronald D. Moore that reveals that the first new episode of the second half of Season 1 will be from Jamie's perspective...
As previews go, this opening scene reveals very little about what's ahead. But it does offer a glimpse of the twist that we'll be getting to see how things are going from Jamie's side of things as the second half of Season 1 resumes on Starz. The opening scene of the episode has Jamie pondering the movement of life and time, with each step taken coming in the form of a choice. From what Starz says, the episode will allow us to "find out Jamie’s side of the story when Claire disappeared in the final episode before the mid-season break."

With so little going on in the scene, beyond Jamie skipping stones as he reflects on the journey that took him to manhood, there isn't much to go on beyond the shift in perspective. But the scene does glimpse a blonde woman wandering behind him...


We don't get a good look at her, so we can only guess as to who she is and what she's doing there. That is, assuming it's not Claire and the light is just playing tricks with us. Of the women in Jamie's life, there's Claire (dark hair), his sister Jenny, played by Laura Donnelly (also dark hair), and Guillis (Lotte Verbeek) whose hair is red, so that rules them out -- again, this is assuming we're definitely seeing a blonde there. Laoghaire MacKenzie, has blonde hair, so it's possible it's her? Or maybe it's someone else. We'll have to wait and see. And wait we will, as Outlander's " droughlander" will continue for the next few months, until April 4 when the series returns with new episodes.

The above preview came with the season premiere of Starz's Black Sails, and follows the perviously debuted trailer, which gave us a bit more to work with in terms of the intensity that's ahead for Jamie and Claire as their adventure continues.

It would've been nice to see some action from this latest preview, but with months to go, it's fair to assume we're being rationed while we continue to count down. But it's exciting to know that we'll be getting into Jamie's head a bit. From what TVLine says, this is the only episode (presumably, this season) that will shift to Jamie's perspective.

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