Benedict Cumberbatch fans, mark your calendars--but use a pencil. There may be a premiere date for the UK miniseries Parade’s End, which stars the Sherlock lead and aired overseas back in August.

While there’s nothing yet in the way of an official announcement and the miniseries isn’t yet on HBO’s schedule, HBO Watch spotted Parade’s End on the schedule in TV Guide magazine. Neither the HBO website nor the TV Guide website confirm the air date, but apparently it showed up on the schedule for a February 26th premiere.

The post-WWI 5-episode mini also stars Rebecca Hall, Roger Allam, Adelaide Clemens and Rupert Everett in a story about the love triangle between a wealthy reserved aristocrat facing shell-shock following the war, his unpleasant and unfaithful socialite wife, and a young suffragette who catches his eye and his heart. The series aired to a favorable reception in the UK, and we’ve been waiting to hear when we might actually see it over here.

If the February 26th premiere date is accurate, it’s an odd day date to have chosen, as a weekend rather than a Tuesday night would seem the more likely choice. There’s no indication as to how HBO plans to air the 5 episodes either, but a 5-week run on Tuesdays would allow the program to end right before the scheduled March 31st premiere of Season 3 of Game of Thrones. We’ll keep an eye out for confirmation on the actual premiere date from HBO, and in the meantime you might want to write this one in as a tentative date.

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