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Parenthood Season 4: Small Victories Trailer Shows Drew And Amy Dealing With A Big Choice

Parenthood has never shied away from emotional topics. In fact, the show tends to shine brightest when it's focusing on the more intensely emotional challenges of the Braverman family. The preview for next week's "Small Victories" gives us a look at the next major issue set to be faced by one of the lead characters.

Things with Drew and Amy have been in a weird place this season, with Amy breaking up with Drew and the two later reuniting. Things got serious when they started sleeping together again, and that ended up causing some minor issues with Mark, who had the unfortunate and awkward experience of walking in on them. As their teacher and not-quite-step-father, he was put in the uncertain position of trying to decide whether or not to tell Sarah, which he eventually did. From the trailer below, it looks like Drew and Amy are going through an even bigger situation and once again, Mark ends up walking in on it (kind of).

It's hard to predict how Parenthood will tackle this subject. It's entirely possible that Amy will decide to terminate the pregnancy, and the bigger issue will be Drew coming to terms with her decision (from the promo, it looks like he's in support of her having the baby). Or perhaps Amy will choose to have the baby, which would move Drew into the parent-side of this series about parenting. What is clear is that the family will be involved, as we see Drew and Amber hugging, and also Mark telling Sarah. At the very least, Drew won't be alone in this.

And it also looks like Mark and Sarah will have a reason to talk, which is its own kind of dramatic and interesting.

Parenthood airs Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

Kelly West
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