Pawn Stars UK Spin-off Will Air Internationally On History Channels

Pawn Stars has been a juggernaut for the History Channel. The show is the network’s highest rated series of all time, and has spawned not only a sequel called Cajun Pawn Stars but has also given opportunities for numerous spin-offs following the “experts” that help the guys on the show. Now, Leftfield Pictures is branching out in a new direction, and will be creating a Pawn Stars series set in the UK.

On Sunday, A&E Networks announced the new show, stating it is rolling with the tentative title Pawn Stars UK. International History Channels is funding the project and Leftfield Pictures is producing. Currently, casting is underway for the new series, meaning there is no news on which UK pawn shop will house the series. However, according to World Screen, like Cajun Pawn Stars’ first run, eight episodes are slated to be produced.

VP of Marketing and Development for A&E Networks UK, Adam MacDonald, is noting that the original Pawn Stars has developed a staunch fanbase in the UK and elsewhere overseas. I think the same thing could happen in the States with the UK version. We’ve seen a lot of weird and often (but not exclusively) American products come in to The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop over the years, and it will be interesting to see what objects people in the U.K. more commonly have lying around. Since the upcoming spin-off is expected to air internationally, we will get the opportunity to find out.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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