It was a special episode for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, as President Barack Obama paid a visit to the show, engage in a few laughs, share a few stories, and discuss some politics. Among the topics of discussion, the recent Secret Service scandal in Columbia, legalizing weed, and Comedy Central's Key & Peele. Check out the clips ahead!

Understandably, the mood was pretty light as the president sat with Jimmy Fallon. But there were some laughs. In fact, before the interview, the President participated in Slow Jam The News…

The president talks about being surrounded by women. He also talks about the Key & Peele sketch, in which the comedians have an angry man named Luther who interprets his comments (if you've never seen it, check it out here. It's great.)

Discussing an embarrassing moment, and "getting the giggles" with Michelle.

Things get serious as he talks about the importance of going to college and taking out/paying back student loans…

They discuss the recent scandal involving the Secret Service and their less than moral recreation time in Columbia. Obama refers to them as a "couple of knuckleheads." After that, they respond to Twitter questions, the first of which asks if they're going to legalize marijuana. "We're not going to be legalizing weed anytime soon," Obama says...

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