Rashida Jones And Will McCormack Sell Claws Dramedy To HBO

Rashida Jones and Will McCormack have already broken down some network TV barriers, but now they are spreading out their talent a bit more, signing on with HBO to develop a half-hour comedy project. This time around, they are producing a comedy with a dramatic flair (dramedy’s are, after all, HBO’s forte) called Claws.

HBO might love dramadies, but the subscription cable network is also willing to try out plenty of programs with unique premises. If Claws moves forward to series, it will tell the tale of a bunch of “dangerous” women who work in a nail salon in Florida. According to Deadline, the project is a half-hour endeavor, and Eliot Laurence is signed on to write and co-executive produce. Claws will be executive produced by Jones and McCormack, as well as Warner Bros. TV’s Jeff Grosvenor. Clearly, the project is still in the early stages of development, but we’ll keep you posted if it moves forward to pilot.

When Jones announced she would be leaving Parks and Recreation, the actress and comedy writer already had an overall deal with Warner Bros. Television to pitch and work on the creative end. While that would be enough to keep anyone busy, her tenure on Parks and Rec has been long and storied and halfway through Season 6 felt like an inopportune time for her to leave the show. On the bright side, however, at least Jones has been gung-ho about pitching and selling projects this fall, which makes me feel a little better that she’s quitting the best thing NBC has going for it.

Soon after announcing her exit, the CW announced it was partnering with Jones and her sister, Kidada Jones, to produce an hour-long dramady project called Ladyballs, about a female soccer team. She’s also attached to the Eva Amurri Martino and Susan Sarandon project Growing Ivy, which was bought by NBC. Finally, Jones and McCormack sold the project Stuck to Fox, a comedy about a mother and daughter duo who are stuck in a rut. All of these projects may not end up at a network next year, but given the large number of them and Jones' obvious talent, I’m banking that at least one or two of them will.

While Jones moves forward with her producing career, you can still catch her on Parks and Recreation through episode 13, which filmed last month. NBC’s Parks and Rec returns to the schedule on January 9 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Expect the show to get at least a little bit of a bump in viewers for her official exit. After all, she certainly deserves a touching and widely-consumed exit.


Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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