Between encore airings and HBO's streaming video service HBO Go, evaluating the success of the ratings is tricky business. Those who aren't tuning in for the original airing may be planning to catch the episode on HBO Go, HBO on Demand or one of the many encore airings. But it's understandable that many fans of the pay-cables original series wouldn't want to wait, when it comes to a season premiere or finale, which could explain the ratings increase for The Newsroom's season finale, which aired last night.

According to Deadline, Aaron Sorkin's cable news-focused drama series The Newsroom wrapped up its first season to an audience of 2.3 million viewers, which is up 17% from last week's episode, which was a series high. Meanwhile, True Blood's fifth season finale also saw an increase - albeit a slight one - from last week's episode, earning 5 million viewers (up from last week's 4.93 million), though that's down from the Season 4 finale, which took in 5.05 million. An indication that interest is waning? Or can we chalk it up to more people watching a later airing on via HBO Go?

It should be interesting to see how True Blood does when it returns next summer for its sixth season, without Alan Ball as showrunner. And it'll also be interesting to see whether interest increases or decreases for The Newsroom between now and the series' second season. But looking at the series as they are now, with True Blood averaging 11.3 million viewers total per episode, and The Newsroom grossing 6.7 million viewers on average per episode, both shows performed solidly this summer.

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