Rebecca De Mornay And One More Added To NBC's Hatfields & McCoys Pilot

NBC’s Hatfields & McCoys has signed its Mamma Hatfield and her son. Rebecca De Mornay is set to play the matriarch of the Hatfield clan in NBC’s pilot, which will follow a version of the famous feuding clan set in modern-day Pittsburgh. Mildred Pierce’s Nick Westrate will play her son

NBC greenlighted the project right after History’s epic Hatfields & McCoys miniseries managed to pull in major ratings at the cable network. With interest in the famous feuding family at a current high, writer John Glenn and executive producers Charlize Theron, Dawn Olmstead and Beau Flynn whipped up the grand urban and modern-day setting with a pilot that will feature a “startling death”. If all goes well, it will start the feud between the wealthy Hatfields and the blue-collar McCoys all over again.

According to Deadline, the Hatfield clan seems powerful and cocksure. De Mornay will play Mary Hatfield, a woman who happens to be both the mother and the Mayor of Pittsburgh. Westrate’s character, Randall, is described as “smug.” The two join a few other people already cast in the pilot, including Virginia Madsen and Patrick John Flueger. Without the historical aspect, this could go a little soapy, but at least NBC’s pilot has some famous names to back it up.

Jessica Rawden
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