Last spring, the pilot episode for Ricky Gervais’ somewhat controversial new comedy series, Derek, aired in the UK on Channel 4. Subsequently, the series was picked up to air in 2013 and now, Gervais himself has kindly tweeted out the first trailer for the series.

The first trailer for Derek introduces us to the titular character himself, a nursing home attendant with the best of intentions but perhaps not the best brain. His two close friends, Dougie and Kev, also appear onscreen, as does the head nurse at his home, Hannah, whom Derek seems to have a bit of a crush on. The dialogue within the series mostly seems to surround Derek and his two guy pals, and if you stick around until the end, you’ll catch a few outtakes with the cast. Currently there is no specific date set for the series, but since Gervais pushes his Twitter pretty hard at the end of the video, you might want to check there for updates.

Despite plenty of hate from critics concerning the show’s mockumentary platform and subject matter, the special is marching forward proudly to series. Derek is scheduled to air on Channel 4 in the UK in 2013. In the US, fans will have to be Netflix owners in order to bring the series into their homes. Still, that’s better than having to wait months and months to see if US Gervais fans will be able to catch the series, at all.

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