Over the last decade, very few people have made me laugh out loud as often as Ricky Gervais. This may not seem that special (although comedy is absolutely the hardest thing to do), but when you consider that the man has had his hands in several television projects and every single one of them has been funny...well, that's just impressive. And much to my delight, his newest show, Life's Too Short, seems to be well on its way.

I wanted to say something quickly before we get to the promo...Stephen Merchant. The man is largely overlooked when it comes to the success of The Office, Extras, The Ricky Gervais Show, and An Idiot Abroad, but he's just as essential to their success as poster boy Gervais. Their new project, once again for BBC Two and once again in the mockumentary style, is called Life's Too Short and stars Warwick "Willow" Davis (as a version of himself) navigating his way through life and the entertainment industry.

Update: According to Deadline, it was confirmed today that the series will be carried by HBO and is expected to air on the pay-cable channel in 2012.

Here's a quick preview of the show. All that's missing is Karl Pilkington.

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