Ron Moore Finalizing Deal To Bring Helix Thriller To Syfy

Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore has had a hell of a time getting programs to series over the past couple of years, with project like 17th Precinct and an ABC western failing to make it to television, but this year he been pushing into television a little more productively. Now, Moore may be landing a series order with Helix, a thriller featuring a potential disease outbreak. Moore is currently in talks with former BSG network, Syfy, to work out a 13-episode straight-to-series deal for the project.

Helix will follow scientists living in an Arctic research facility. When the threat of a potential disease hits the men and women living in the research facility, they must come together and attempt to tackle the potentially debilitating disease before it spreads to the rest of humanity and wreaks utter havoc. According to Deadline, Moore and Lynda Obst will executive produce. Alongside the two executive producers, Cameron Porsandeh, who initially outlined the idea for Helix, will co-executive produce.

If the details of the straight-to-series contract are ironed out, Helix will premiere sometime later in 2013. Overall, the potential for a series looks fairly good, with Syfy wanting to attempt more straight-to-series orders to air and to cut out unnecessary pilots. Even if Helix doesn’t work out, Moore also has the Outlander project, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, in development at Starz. This year seems like the year Moore’s skills will finally be put to good use, again.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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