For as much as many of us were hoping it would be the second coming of Arrested Development, Mitch Hurwitz's new series Running Wilde has been disappointing on pretty much every front, failing either to bring in viewers or recreate even a fraction of Arrested's unhinged, endlessly brilliant comedy. Even having Will Arnett in the lead role hasn't helped, and as the ratings continue slipping, no one has had much expectation that the show would last to a second season. Now the outlook is even grimmer-- Deadline reports that Fox has put the show on hold for the rest of November, not scheduled to return with a new episode until November 30.

Instead the network will air reruns of Raising Hope, another new comedy that's gotten much better reviews and ratings. They're already considering replacing the show with Breaking In, a new comedy starring Christian Slater. It's depressing but not all that unexpected, and even for those of us hoping for great things out of Hurwitz, not really all that bad. Running Wilde was a noble attempt to return to network television but it didn't pay off at all; maybe now Hurwitz can turn his attention to film-- maybe even the long-promised, never-happening Arrested Development movie!-- and establish another, more solid comic voice. At this point, sadly, Running Wilde is something I'd rather see put out of its misery than rescued-- and Fox seems to agree.

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