While New Girl has an appearance by Justin Long set to take place during tomorrow night’s episode, True Blood fans have reason to look forward to Valentine’s Day next year as that’s when True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten will make his guest appearance on the Fox comedy series.

Fans of HBO’s fangtasting drama True Blood will easily recognize Kwanten for his role as the dimwitted but dreamy Jason Stackhouse. According to E! Online, the Aussie actor will be playing a love interest to Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess on New Girl. “Love” might actually be a stretch. From the sound of it, he’s set up as a Valentine’s Day one-night-stand that Jess meets in a bar while out celebrating her first V-day in six years as a single person. Max Greenfield’s character Schmidt will be Jess’ wingman during the night. If Schmidt has anything to do with Jess encountering Kwanten’s character Oliver, he wins a gold star and the award of Wingman of the Year.

?E! doesn’t list the exact date for the episode but the site does say February 2012, and Valentine’s Day does happen to fall on a Tuesday next year.

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