Ryan Reynolds To Guest Star On Family Guy's Christmas Episode

It looks like Ryan Reynolds is going to be getting into the holiday spirit on Family Guy later this year. Word is, the actor, who made a cameo on the Fox comedy series in the past, is returning to the show, only this time, he won't be playing himself. Things are getting biblical for this part, though it sounds like his role involves a character that may not have actually made it into the bible.

Entertainment Weekly shared the news that Reynolds would be returning to Fox's animated comedy series Family Guy for the show's Christmas episode. From the sound of it, he'll be playing a sort of Jesus prototype:

As Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann explains: “He’s God’s previous attempt at an immaculate conception — his first son that didn’t quite work out.”

Yikes. That sounds like it could be a frustrating role to live, being Jesus' older, less successful brother. I suppose it depends on what Hentemann means by "didn't quite work out." Something tells me there's a story there and one we'll have to wait until the holidays to hear. Either way, I expect Reynolds is up for bringing some funny to the part.

As EW points out, in addition to having guest-starred on Family Guy once before, Reynolds has also worked with FG creator Seth MacFarlane on the recently released comedy Ted. Reynolds isn't the only guest star set to appear (by voice) on Family Guy in the series' upcoming eleventh season. He joins a list that includes Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Banks and Kellen Lutz.

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