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Sacha Baron Cohen is a weird guy. That’s stating the obvious but as we know from his previous work, including the hugely popular Borat movie, his shenanigans are not without a purpose. The most recent of Cohen’s pranks was infiltrating the set of the NBC series Medium and causing a ruckus during shooting.

According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello, production on the show had to be shut down when “an extra kept interrupting a tense courtroom scene involving series star Patricia Arquette. Security stepped in and forcibly removed the troublemaker from the jury box, and it's only then that everyone's sixth sense kicked in: The unruly actor was actually Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise as his latest Borat-like creation, flamboyant fashion reporter Bruno.” EW says Cohen has been working a new movie and gathering footage from around the globe. They don’t know whether or not Cohen managed to get his own footage using a hidden camera or if the prankster will be relying on Paramount giving them access to the footage they got before Cohen was kicked out.

Seriously, how does something like this happen? Did he audition for an extra role or did he have inside help getting onto that set? As funny as I’m sure the unusable footage probably is, I think it might have been funnier if Cohen had played it cool, done the part and then after the episode aired, let it leak that he was proudly playing the role of Juror #7 and let NBC accidentally help him promote his upcoming movie.