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So? Were you "Blown Away" by tonight's episode of Scandal? If you weren't because you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now. Spoilers from the fall finale of the ABC drama series ahead! In addition to some thoughts on tonight's episode, we also have a preview for the next new episode of Season 2, which unfortunately won't air for about a month.

We were tricked! Kind of, anyway. The end of last week's episode left off with the sight of Huck packing up the gun moments after Fitz was shot, leaving us to assume that he was the one behind the assassination attempt on the President. In truth, Huck was lured to the hotel room, believing his girlfriend Becky was in trouble, and found a remote control sniper rifle firing bullets at the president all on its own. Modern technology.

Putting the fact that he's a trained assassin with a dark past aside, I feel for Huck. We I'll admit, after last week's episode I actually believed that somehow, he'd been hired to kill the president, though I hoped there was some explanation for it. Tonight's episode offered evidence that he's vulnerable and sensitive. He didn't want to believe Becky set him up, and even after he knew (most of) the truth, he was actually considering running away with her, despite the fact that she framed him for (attempted) murder and assassination, and made him the most wanted man in America. When Olivia got him to come to his senses about that, Becky caught wind of it and took off - but not before ruthlessly murdering the family Huck liked to watch (harmlessly stalk?) sometimes. Her way of saying so long, I guess. It was a cold move and one obviously set up to hurt him. She could have just left. Considering she started this fight, that was the least she could have done.

Verna Thornton used Huck's identity for leverage to hold her seat as Supreme Court Justice and Huck was arrested at the end of the episode.

Becky wasn't the only one getting a step ahead of her opposition. Cyrus hired a private investigator to follow James, thinking that he was cheating on him. But when he found out James was looking into the Defiance/election issue, he quickly tried to use an adoption as a distraction. James went for it, and it seemed like maybe Cyrus' baby plan worked, but we soon found out that waving a baby in his face only tipped James off that Cyrus knows what he's up to, which is not good. The last we saw of James, he was handing over the memory card to David. The fact that he mentioned not to lose it makes me think maybe he will. Because why else would someone say "don't lose this" on a TV show, really?

Speaking of David, he did a favor for Abby when she was working on the Becky/Huck investigation and later, he and Abby went at it in his apartment, because apparently, Becky and Huck's quickie earlier wasn't enough floor sex for one episode. Abby seemed to be confused about what she wanted in both the before and after moments with David, but the fact that it happened makes me wonder if maybe she'll be the one to "find" the memory card that David might be losing in the near future.

Finally, Fitz is still in the hospital and his condition sounds unchanged. Langston's taken up shop in the oval office and the staff is tentatively planning Fitz's funeral arrangements, which is just sad.

And that brings us to the next new episode, which doesn't come until Thursday, January 10.

Huck's getting water boarded. Olivia's cuddling with Fitz in the hospital bed. The senator doesn't understand what Fitz's condition has to do with their relationship. And Huck is convinced that the president is still in danger. Well, there's something we forgot to consider in all of this other drama. Someone tried to kill him and they didn't get the job done.