New Scandal tonight! Yes, you read that right. After a month of reruns, the ABC drama returns with new installments, starting with tonight's "Top of the Hour." And as a bonus, we get a guest appearance by Lisa Edelstein, as you may have noticed in the above clip. Another bonus? An actual scandal! Or, a scandal that seems set up outside of Olivia's relationship with Fitz, though the odds are always high that it'll be related to the White House in some way. In fact, the news reporters in the clip can be heard saying that the woman was having an affair with Murray Randall, President Grant's recently announced Supreme Court nominee. DC's kind of a small town, I guess.

The second clip confirms that this scandal will tie in with the President. It begins with Edelstein's character giving a statement and then goes to a conversation between Olivia and Cyrus…

So the White House tried to get Olivia to get her client to deny the affair. Clearly Olivia didn't think that was in her client's best interest, and she's not about to pull strings to help the President. While I can respect her integrity, I can't really fault Cyrus for being upset or throwing her relationship with the President in her face. Because let's face it, if Olivia and Fitz were on good terms and he asked her to smooth this situation over, I think she would have at least considered it or tried to find a middle ground to deal with the situation. But with their relationship on the outs, it's probably easier to put herself and her work first.

The clip ends with Cyrus threatening Olivia. Is he just angry? Or is this the start of a war?

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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