Sci-Fi Network To Air The Next Highlander Film

Does anyone remember the former glory that was the Highlander series? Back in 1986 the world was introduced to the Clan MacLeod in the original film starring Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod. That film, which co-starred a brilliant Sean Connery, opened up my eyes to how great fantasy stories could be. Since then we’ve been treated to sub-par films that are barely deserving of their theatrical release. Then there was the television show that introduced fans to Duncan MacLeod, played by Adrian Paul.

It looks like the next film in the series is taking the obvious next step. Honestly, after watching Highlander: Endgame where Duncan takes the head of Connor I just wanted to throw up a little. That film was the final nail in the coffin, but even decaying bodies like to try and claw out of the freshly turned earth. Lionsgate has pulled the fifth film from it’s theatrical schedule and now ‘Highlander: The Source’ is set to appear as an original Sci-Fi movie in September. Oh how the mighty immortals have fallen.

The Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man) directed fifth movie in the series follows Duncan and his fellow immortals as they go on a grail quest. Yeah, it sounds as pointless as everything else in this forlorn fantasy series. To be honest I’m happy to see Duncan return to television, where the character belongs. I’d argue that the television series might have even been a little better than the original film. I know I was pulling for a Duncan victory in the last movie. Still, this has to hurt all involved who expected a theatrical run. At least someone at the studio had the foresight to realize the film wasn’t worthy, and as luck would have it the star has his roots in television.

Let this be the last, and hopefully we can let the immortals keep their heads and go in peace. ‘Highlander: The Source’ premieres on Sci-Fi on September 15th.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.