See Family Guy's Chicken Fight As A Stunt-Filled Live-Action Epic Chick Fight

Family Guy fans should be well aware of Peter Griffin's intense rivalry with Ernie the Chicken. In fact, the animated Quahogian has thrown down with Ernie on numerous occasions. What would a live-action reenactment of one of their epic battles look like? Two fantastic stuntwomen show us in the above video, which turns Peter Griffin and Ernie's "Epic Chicken Fight" into an Epic Chick Fight.

For reference, here's one of Peter and Ernie's Epic Chicken Fights…

As you can see, Peter and Ernie's fight is not only filled with insane stunts, but it also takes them through space and time, constantly changing locations and ignoring reality at every turn. The live-action one doesn't quite go as far as time travel but it does offer some impressive stunts, including the two "chicks" falling out of a building. Those women are seriously badass!

So how did this video come about? Is it just some great video that's made its way online and has since gone viral? Not exactly. Via Gawker, this started as an IndieGoGo campaign, which reached out to Family Guy and stunt fans alike to raise the money to produce the video:

Professional stuntwomen/actresses Jessie Graff and Tree O'Toole do a live action parody of the Family Guy Epic Chicken Fight. In true "Family Guy" style, these 2 women will beat the snot out of each other while tumbling from one ridiculous scene to the next, destroying everything in there path. Expect brutal fighting, broken windows and walls, tackles, high falls, car hits, and wipeouts! The best stunt performers in the business are volunteering their time. All we need are locations, insurance, and things to smash! This rumble is going down no matter what, but the more funds we collect, the more spectacular it will be!

Donated funds went toward things like breakaway glass, the cost of insurance and rental fees for the driving scenes, costumes and props. Given the mayhem that ensues in the video, I have to wonder what was left of anything that was actually used. Of course, bald tires and smashed props are a small price to pay for an excellent series of stunts, right?

The campaign surpassed its $2800.00 goal, bringing in $2995.00 in the month-long campaign. Perks for contributing ranged from a credit in the film to the stunt-car that was used in the video. Someone did shell out $500 for the chicken but the $2,000 Stunt Car perk went unclaimed by the time the campaign wrapped up. Surprising. You'd think there'd be at least some demand for a 2001 Toyota Corolla with a dented ceiling and questionable suspension. Apparently not. But it didn't matter, as the project raised the funds to produce a pretty kickass video.

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