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Seth MacFarlane Is Headed To Springfield For A Simpsons Guest Spot

Seth MacFarlane knows a little something about voice-acting, and come to think of it, he knows a lot of something about Fox animated comedies, and his voice-acting talent isn't exclusive to his own shows. The Family Guy creator/voice actor is set to lend his voice to one of the few Fox Sunday night animated comedies that isn't his - The Simpsons.

We have a while to wait to hear MacFarlane's voice on The Simpsons. From what Entertainment Weekly reports, he's set to voice a role in the Season 25 premiere (Fall 2013), playing a character that tries to romance Marge.

In the episode, titled “Dangers on a Train,” Marge mistakes an Ashley Madison-type website for a Dolly Madison-type cupcake site, not realizing that it’s a destination for married people to arrange affairs. While on the site, she encounters the charming Ben (MacFarlane), who pursues her as they bond over their mutual love of a Downton Abbey-ish series, Upton Rectory.

Drama! Anyone else hoping (or expecting) to get to see a few snippets of Upton Rectory? I'm also now craving a confrontation between Stewie and Mr. Burns, but that seems less likely.

While Family Guy just celebrated 200 episodes, The Simpsons is turning 25 next fall, and that's cause for celebration, and hopefully even more exciting guest appearances.

In addition to his own shows (Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show), Seth MacFarlane's voice has been heard in a number of other TV shows and films, so fans are well aware of his skill in that department. But considering Family Guy has taken a few digs at The Simpsons over the years, MacFarlane's visit to Springfield is probably a little bit surprising. Simpsons executive producer Al Jean notes the rivalry when commenting on MacFarlane's guest spot and stated, "We wanted to come together in a bipartisan way to make Fox Sunday night rock."

This isn't the only bit of MacFarlane-related news today. The future Oscar host visited UCLA for an episode of Stand In and offered an update on the status of the Family Guy movie. While nothing is set in stone for the project just yet, it sounds like there are ideas for a feature film, which could be made if he can find the time to get it done.

Kelly West
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