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What kind of messes are the Gallaghers going to get themselves into this week? Looking at the videos we have from this week’s episode of Shameless should give you a couple of clues. Minor spoilers ahead!

If you saw last week’s episode, then you know Debbie really hit it off with fake-Aunt-Ginger, the elderly, senile woman the Gallaghers “borrowed” from a nursing home and poor Debbie was devastated when they had to give her back. Well, this week it seems she’s decided to “borrow” another family member, which could mean a world of trouble for the Gallaghers if they don’t fix the situation fast.

Meanwhile, Kevin runs into a bit of a situation thanks to two factors: A girl (and her friend) trying to pick him un and Frank being typically drunk and loud-mouthed…

Frank at least seems to mean well in the clip above but it seems this isn’t news Kevin wants out. Maybe he hasn’t actually popped the question quite yet?

Shameless airs on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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