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With all of the lying and sneaking around that has been the backbone of Jimmy (formerly Steve) and Fiona’s relationship, this new Shameless clip from this week's upcoming episode should not be a shock. In the clip, Fiona confronts her man about his move to Michigan and whether or not he has been lying to her. As usual, he wasn’t lying, exactly, but he failed to mention the full truth, as well. For the past three seasons, Shameless fans have dealt with this same nonsense from Jimmy’s end. The man’s behaved poorly and then made amends for that behavior more times than I can count, but sometimes I wonder why Fiona doesn’t just quit talking to him for good.

The preview seems to be alluding to Jimmy’s return to school, and after last week’s episode, I don’t really blame him for wanting to quit working in a coffee shop and avoid getting robbed at an ATM. However, will a long distance relationship mean Jimmy and Fiona will break off contact for good? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out, but I should note the two have been through worse and are still in love with one another.

Showtime’s Shameless is currently airing its third season on the subscription cable network. There are only a few more episodes left this season, but if you are wanting to catch up on the show, there’s no fear that this is the end for Shameless. Showtime's drama has already been renewed for a fourth season, set to premiere in 2014.

New episodes of Shameless air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.