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There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the upcoming Sherlock special. However, this week Sherlock producer Sue Vertue announced the special is currently filming, giving fans a couple of awesome photos that shed a little light on the upcoming 2015 episode of the hit series. Just check out John Watson and Sherlock Holmes in the photo below.

The first question that comes to mind when staring at this photo is “What the hell is going on with those clothes?” Seriously, a top hat and a bowler hat? Those were all the rage in the 1850s, I’m sure, but it's tough to tell what they could possibly have to do with a present-day episode of Sherlock. Apparently something, because the two men are dressed to the nines in clothes that don’t look like they have come from the 21st century. They most certainly wouldn't be costumes the two men would typically throw on while leaving the apartment. This is more of the usual look.


Vertue also shared a quick look at the script for the upcoming special, which notes the episode was written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, who created the drama together.

Since Moffat is also the showrunner on Doctor Who, he’s toyed with plenty of time travel in the past, so I guess he would be the perfect fit for that sort of plotline. However, Sherlock's not exactly a show that typically toys with science fiction, preferring facts. Still, either the two guys will be getting up to some time travel or there must be a weird period bent to the upcoming special. Either way I am in.

Last spring, Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson on the show, spilled the beans about the potential one-off episode, stating it was “such a good idea” he felt they just had to do it. While Sherlock has often had a haphazard way of getting new episodes together, thanks to the busy schedules of Freeman, Gattis, Moffat and other Sherlock lead Benedict Cumberbatch, the one-off special is expected to air early in 2015 with a 3-episode series following at a later date. And time travel or no, we can’t wait!

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