If there’s one network that television series execs should feel comfortable about joining, it’s USA, a channel that doesn’t seem capable of canceling any show during its prime. The latest series lucky enough to get an extension is the public service comedy Sirens, which has officially flipped its lights on for a Season 2 return in 2015. Ready to take that ambulance ride to enjoyably middlebrow comedy? Hop on in.

Sirens is the return to post-Rescue Me television for comedian Denis Leary – how long does someone have to be away from stand-up to call them a former comedian? – who co-created the show with We’re the Millers co-writer Bob Fisher. Debuting in March, Sirens’ 10-episode first season ended at the beginning of last month, and fans should be delighted to know that USA has upped the order from ten to 13 episodes for Season 2. Considering how many random hijinks these characters have already gotten into, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers try to up that ante.

Sirens mostly follows three Chicago EMTs who are as good at their jobs as they are bad at their social lives. Everyman Johnny (Michael Mosley) and his gay best friend Hank (Kevin Daniels) are the pros training the new and naïve recruit Brian (Kevin Bigley). Johnny starts and stops and starts a relationship with Theresa (Jessica McNamee), a cop whose authority doesn’t end when she leaves the station. Other characters and mini-plotlines include an asexual EMT named Voodoo (Kelly O’Sullivan), the OCD EMT Stats (Maura Kidwell), Vietnam vet Cash (Bill Nunn) and guest stars including Lenny Clarke, Jean Smart, and many more faces that will be familiar to Leary’s family of actors.


In Season 1, the trio faced challenges like removing porn off of another man’s computer, doughnut consumption mysteries, suicidal doppelgängers and various sexual endeavors. Johnny’s family comes into the picture, and the season ends with him and Theresa taking things to the next level romantically. And of course, this show will give you all the Chicago references you need in your day-to-day life.

According to USA’s press release, Sirens was the “top new basic cable comedy series debut of the year,” with its total P2+ viewers averaging around 1.6 million, with half of that in the key 25-54 demographic. Those aren’t outstanding numbers, surely, but Sirens’s viewers have been consistent over its run, and it’s amassed a decent-sized fanbase. Plus, it probably isn’t that expensive to produce, so we could expect to see these guys on the air for quite a while.

For more Sirens indulgence, quit being a flatliner and head over to the USA page for behind-the-scene videos, clips and images, plus a conversation with Leary and Fisher about the show’s stories.

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