Smallville Reaction: Salvation

A great opening. It had everything a good finale needs: Perry as editor, Olsen alive, Lois as the Queen of the Daily Planet, and Clark flying in the red and blue as Superman. This sequence was great; it was like a dream--no wait it is! I was happy to see Clark at least get his red and blue, even if he didn't wear it. It's a positive step toward him becoming Superman.

Lois and the Blur usually are pretty entertaining so --dammit! ZOD! I really can't stand Zod. He's one of those guys who you just deal with so there's no trouble. Zod, you're a liar and now you're breaking the Fortress of Solitude; your douche-baggery knows no bounds. For once, I would like to see Zod do something other than talk, like kill Tess. He fries her into the female version of Two-Face and flies off when Clark shows up. Sorry Tess, those sweet kryptonite knuckles didn't do quite enough. Your usual plan of threatening him then sexing him up didn't work this time.

When Zod transferred his powers through his blood, he apparently transferred his doucheness as well. The Kandorians are flying around and destroying monuments. Clark's gonna get his team together which includes all the metahumans he's met over the years, except for Aquaman, Impulse, Wonder Twins, Zatana, or Supergirl. Chloe spent a lot of time getting the Super Friends together, but Clark throws them away by saying they couldn't possibly stop the Kandorians. Thanks for the vote of confidence Clark.

Zod is a moron. He gave the Kandorians their powers, so he should know they have the same super-hearing that he has. Zod, whispering your guilt into Clark's ear isn't going to go unknown by your super army. Zod and Clark's fight was pretty cool and Clark's selfless act at the end summed up this episode as great. The season as a whole , though, was just okay.

I was ecstatic because there's no more Zod or Tess, but Chloe's still around. Two out of three wasn't bad. My idea for next season is more John Jones, less Ollie and kill Chloe. I thought this was overall a great episode, but it possibly left too many unanswered questions. Who was the creepy old lady at the hospital? Will Chloe finally die? What the hell was attacking Green Arrow in the vents? Will Clark fly to safety? How will they bring back Lex and Jimmy? Will Chloe finally die? Will Clark wear the super suit his mom made him? Where the hell is Checkmate? And most importantly, will Chloe finally die? I want answers, but I guess I'll have to wait until next season.

What are my predictions? I think the creepy old lady was Granny Goodness and she was going to resurrect Tess as a Female Fury. Darkseid and Apokolips have yet to be used and they are some of the best villains Superman has. I believe Checkmate had sent some of their super goons to attack Ollie, possibly a few members of her suicide squad.

Clark should be flying next season, since in this episode we even learned that Kryptonians can breathe in space. Lex and Jimmy still stump me; Jimmy is dead so some type of time travel or magic would have to bring him back. Lex will return for the series finale at least, that I'm pretty sure of. We will see Clark in his newly acquired costume whenever he decides that he's worthy; probably the last episode. Chloe will hang herself for being so annoying and Ollie will hook-up with Black Canary. These are my thoughts. What do you think?