NBC is gearing up for Season 2 of Smash, which means it is the time of year fans get to relive some of their favorite moments on DVD. To celebrate, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has put together some of the spiciest, sexiest moments from Season 1, highlighting the two actresses vying for the role of the lovely Marilyn, and even showing us parts of Season 1’s most fun musical numbers.

The first clip gives us Ivy’s rendition of Marilyn. It’s a jazzy little number, and I always love the way Smash gives us glimpses of what a stage performance would look like even when the crew is still in the early stages of practicing a number. Ivy has more than a little Marilyn in her, even if the “Cracker Jack” baseball jokes in the lyrics are a little stale. At least the dancing’s great and the producers seem to be having a fine time.

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