Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 Behind The Scenes Video Hints At Explosions, Nudity And Guest Stars

Is it September yet? If you're a Sons of Anarchy fan and you aren't already feeling excited and impatient for the fifth season of the FX motorcycle drama series to premiere, this video may do the trick. It offers a few glimpses at the action, and some interesting inside info on the intentions of on particular character.

The video below begins by teasing us with the familiar Sons of Anarchy theme song. That alone has me missing the series. But then we're taken onto the set (guided by Theo Rossi) where we get more than a few looks at some behind-the-scenes shots of the drama's production, including roaring motorcycles, dangerous looking stunts, and guns!

The video doesn't spoil a lot, but it does offer some nice teases, including executive producer Paris Barclay telling us to expect "explosions and nudity" (and Kurt Sutter agreeing by saying, "Yeah, we blow shit up."), mentions of guest stars Jimmy Smits, Harold Perrineau, and Ashley Tisdale, and the return of Rockmand Dunbar, who added his own bit of truth on the nature of the show and the approaching season, saying, "It's gonna be amazing. It's gonna be hot. Of course, people are gonna die. Cause that's what we do on this show. We kill motherfuckers dead. Ya heard me?"

Sutter talks about the characters briefly, saying, "We see the results of the life start to chew away at all the main characters." But it's Ryan Hurst who gets more specific, when he talks about his own character Opie, who's been through the ringer thanks to the club and from the sound of it, now seems to have his mind set on "saving" Jax, which might mean trying to pull him out of the club. Given that Opie essentially lost his family to SAMCRO, it's not hard to believe that might be the route he's headed down. It's going to be exciting seeing how that all plays out.

Kelly West
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