After facing a smaller audience early on, Sons of Anarchy has finally pulled together as FX’s most watched program and inked a deal that will ensure it stays on air for at least a couple more seasons. Back in October, Sons of Anarchy, showrunner Kurt Sutter managed to nab a deal ensuring the show got a Season 5. However, by its Season 4 finale in December, the hit FX series had managed 8.4 million viewers. The successful ratings may have gone a long way to help Sutter rework a new overall deal with 21st Century Fox TV and FX Productions.

The new deal will now ensure Sons of Anarchy gets a sixth season, which is good news for fans of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, or at least their storylines. According to THR, Sutter’s new overall engagement has signed him on with the parent company for at least three years, and should also give Sutter credentials with the network beyond what Nielsen ratings are telling network heads—although, right now, those Nielsen ratings are probably speaking pretty well of the show.

With more creative control and a better overall deal with the network, Sutter told The Hollywood Reporter he sees the show lasting through a seventh season, and possibly even beyond that, if FX can break its own rule and allow a show to run beyond its maximum era of profit value.
“If there’s more story to be told after seven seasons and if financially it’s still a feasible endeavor, I’m definitely open to doing more.”

So, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Sons in the next few years. If you want to hear more about Sutter’s new deal at FX, THR has all the details.

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