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Spartacus' Peter Mensah To Play Recurring Role In True Blood

The gods smile favorably on True Blood, based on this bit of excellent casting news. Spartacus fans with an appreciation for Oenomaus (aka the former Doctore) may want to tune in True Blood next season as actor Peter Mensah is set to play a recurring role. Will he have fangs? More details ahead!

Even if you don’t watch Starz’ excellent gladiator-centric Spartacus series, you may still be familiar with Peter Mensah. The Ghana born actor appeared in the Zack Snyder film 300 as the skull-toting messenger who was unceremoniously kicked into the pit by Leonidas near the beginning of the movie. It wasn’t a big part but it definitely left an impression. He’s fantastic in Spartacus and now we have one more reason to look forward to the return of True Blood, which may be the only show that rivals Spartacus in the amount of bloody and sexy it offers its viewers.

Deadline shared the news, stating that Mensah will play Kibwe, “Chancellor for the Authority. Originally from Africa, Kibwe works toward mainstreaming under Roman’s tenure.” Assuming the chancellor for the Authority has fangs (it seems likely), an African vampire sounds very interesting. Deadline doesn’t say how many episodes he’ll appear in, but they do say it’s a recurring role, which is great news, especially considering that by the time True Blood returns this summer, some of us will be in full-on Spartacus withdrawal.

On that note, I doubt I’m alone in hoping Mensah’s availability to appear in True Blood is due to a non-conflict with Spartacus and not due to Oenomaus’ days being numbered. Anyone who’s keeping up with Spartacus: Vengeance (stop reading if you aren’t!) knows that Mensah’s character isn’t in the best situation right now, and we also know that series creator Steven S. DeKnight is willing to kill off leads. (Please be merciful Mr. DeKnight!)

Kelly West
Kelly West

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