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Spartacus War Of The Damned 'Separate Paths' Clips Tease Romance And Violence

Spoilers ahead!

"It's not your heart I am after this night…"

It seems Spartacus is giving himself some down time away from war, at least for a little while. And that involves the company of a certain Roman, whose recent slave-status may be just the thing to nudge her over the line and into Spartacus' arms. I wondered if we might see him and Laeta cross that line. The two seemed to get along from the beginning, and even Spartacus' deceit didn't entirely put her off him. Nor did her being Roman completely put him off her. Do either of them have secret motives though?

The preview for "Separate Paths" also shows Crassus getting rough with someone. That may be where this clip comes in:

Bringing up Kore and her departure may have been a really bad idea.

It's been hard to support Crixus and Naevia this season. The two seem teamed up at odds with Spartacus at every turn. But watching them in this clip, we're reminded of who they really are.

Is there any chance they'll be able to find a happily ever after? With just three episodes left, anything can happen in this series, and we know from the end of Vengeance that this series isn't above killing off lead characters. A lot of them. So, without getting any more pessimistic, let's just appreciate the romantic moments when we get them and hope that at least some of these characters will survive this war!

Spartacus: War of the Damned airs Fridays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Starz. Read our breakdown of last Friday's episode ("Mors Indecepta") here.