January is like a dead zone for the film industry, but for technology and gaming it is a hopping month. That's because each January, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) puts on the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada for audiences to check out new products. The show isn't open to the public, but next year even basic cable audiences will be in on product release information and exhibits.

In 2012, coverage of the conference is heading to basic cable, with Deadline reporting Spike has landed a deal to cover twelve hours of the show. Spike will be calling the programming CES All Access Live. Programming will begin with a five-hour block on January 10, the first day of the exhibits, and will continue through Friday, January 13 and will feature interviews, video game release coverage, other device coverage, and news.

If you are already in the know about the CES, you might realize the Gamer Network had some coverage of the exhibits last year, and still plans to host some coverage of the CES. Honestly, if you are a fan, this is a good thing, even though it might seem annoying to have to switch between channels to see what is going on. Exhibits will be open for 33 hours over the four days of the Consumer Electronics Show. Spike is only covering roughly 12 hours, or around a third of what’s going on. Hopefully, on the other end, GN can show anything Spike misses. If you can’t be at the actual show, you shouldn’t miss a thing.

You can check out some more information over at the CES site.

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