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We’re rapidly approaching the May 16 series finale of The Office. In theory, one would think most debates surrounding the beloved series would involve how the show will wrap up specific storylines, but in actuality, most of the chatter has centered around whether former lead Steve Carell will reprise his role as Michael Scott. At first, everyone assumed the answer was yes. Then, all the momentum started going the other way. More recently, the list of guest stars was announced, and he wasn’t on it. If the latest whispers are to be believed, however, fans may get one more glorious and awkward momentum from the show’s single greatest character.

According to TV Line, Carell will appear on screen for a cameo during next week’s series finale. Exactly how long his part might be or whether there will be any real character development is unclear, but regardless of those answers, this news, if true, should bring a smile to plenty of fans’ faces. After all, many see a direct correlation between a perceived decline in quality after Season 7 and the main actor’s exodus.

As for the format of the finale, The New York Times claims it will be shot in the style of a reality television show reunion. With PBS having just aired the documentary the crew took 9 years to shoot, the cast members will reportedly be interviewed in a roundtable type format to clear up any unanswered questions and talk about how their lives have changed since being seen on television. Some already released pictures seem to support the outlet’s hypothesis, but I think I speak for everyone when I say they can use any format they want as long as it’s a fitting conclusion to the nine years of on-again-off-again greatness we’ve gotten.

Check back from now until the 16th to get plenty of retrospectives about The Office’s glorious run.

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