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Steve Coogan Joins David Shore's ABC Drama Doubt

It looks like Brandon T. Jackson isn't the only Tropic Thunder star vying for a spot on network television this season. While Jackson has secured himself a starring role in the anticipated Beverly Hills Cop CBS pilot, British actor Steve Coogan will star Doubt, a pilot in the works from House's David Shore for ABC. Given how well things worked out for Shore the last time he had a British actor with a comedic background on board to play a dramatic role as the lead of his series, Shore may be looking to make lightning strike twice by duplicating the formula with Coogan.

Doubt will star Steve Coogan as a former cop who now uses his street smarts as a "cunning but charming low-rent lawyer." His experience in law enforcement comes in handy in helping his clients beat the system. Deadline shared the casting news, adding that Coogan's character has his own demons to battle and he's also attempting to woo his ex-wife. He joins previously cast Greg Grunberg in the pilot.

As Deadline points out, while Doubt would mark the U.S. series debut for Coogan, he does have plenty of TV experience across the pond, with Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge, The Trip and Neighbors from Hell among his UK TV credits. We know him better for his feature roles in the States, including the part of Dylan in Our Idiot Brother, Octavius in the Night at the Museum movies, the theatrical and dramatic Dana Marschz (that's Mar-sh-zzz) in Hamlet 2, and the enthusiastic but doomed Damien Cockburn in Tropic Thunder.

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Deadline said Coogan had no interest in doing U.S. broadcast TV, "but responded to Shore's script." Interesting! Given what House did for Hugh Laurie, Shore may not be the only person who stands to benefit greatly from this formula of great, funny British actors turning their talent toward a dramatic role for the small screen.

Kelly West
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