Beverly Hills Cop Set Photos Murphy And Jackson Chairs

The above photo is one of numerous pictures tweeted by Shawn Ryan, creator of the Beverly Hills Cop pilot in the works for CBS. The sequel project will focus on the son of Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley, the lead character from the popular cop comedy trilogy. The pilot's lead character, Aaron Foley, is played by Brandon T. Jackson. None of the photos Ryan's tweeted so far give us a good look at the stars, but the above does put father and son's chairs side by side, which is definitely a great little tease, and these other pictures show us some of the costumes and settings.

Ryan actually retweeted this one from @JohnFolinoJr, whose profile mentions he's a technical consultant and advisor for TV and movies.

Beverly Hills Cop Car

We get another peek at that shiny red car here on Rodeo Drive.

Beverly Hills Cop Jacket

And here's a jacket the wardrobe department showed Ryan the other day. Go Lions!

Beverly Hills Cop Aaron's Car

Finally, Brandon T. Jackson shows us the red Chevelle's Detroit plates with this photo, which he posted on Instagram. Something tells me that ride is going to get a lot of attention, but a man's got to make an entrance, right?

Beverly Hills Cop Chevelle

The pilot will follow Axel's son Aaron, a cop who's looking to get out from under his father's shadow by leaving Detroit and heading off to Beverly Hills to deal with crime in the wealthy neighborhood. Murphy is expected to appear in the pilot and from time to time if the project goes to series. And according to TVLine, we'll also see an appearance by Beverly Hills Cops' Judge Reinhold if the show is picked up. Billy Rosewood in the house!

Update: Ryan just Tweeted a pic at Murphy and Jackson together!

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