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Just last week, we got our first look at Corey Stoll in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming FX drama The Strain, which is set to air on FX in July. This week, comes another look at the series showing a suited-up Mia Maestro examining a body on what appears to be a plane.

ShockTillYouDrop dropped the photo, which shows Maestro peering down at the lifeless face of a pilot on a plane. We know from the book on which this series begins with CDC doctor Eph Goodweather being called to rally his rapid-response team and investigate a mysterious occurrence in which a Boeing 777 arrives at JFK and stops dead on the tarmac. It may be safe to assume that what we’re glimpsing in the above photo is part of what Goodweather (Corey Stoll) and his team find aboard the plane. The outbreak is related to some kind of vampiric virus that begins to spread like wildfire.

Speaking of Goodweather, we get a look at Stoll in his suit in this photo that FX released for the series:


Finally, here’s a look at the blood-red logo for the series:


Hopefully these photos are an indication that a trailer or some more teasers are on the way. So far, in the way of video, the only thing we’ve seen is this — admittedly chilling — “He is Here” teaser:

It may be worthwhile to keep an eye on the Strain Youtube Channel to see if any other videos pop up there in the near future.

In other related news some interesting tidbits about the nature of these vampires came out of the TCA press tour this week. According to The L.A. Times, Cartlon Cuse says these vampires are not sexy, “although there is sex in the show.” He goes on to say,” But the vampires themselves are not having sex on the show. They’re not romantic creatures. You’ll see when you watch.” As the Times notes in their article, this is a story that involves vampires “who shed their genitals because they aren’t even worried about having sex.” So I guess there’s that too. Given Del Toro’s involvement and the fact that this vampire situation is linked to a virus, it seems like the un-sexy factor is already assumed. Then again, factoring in all of the vampire-related shows that emphasize the eternal youth, beauty and lusty nature of some fictional vampires, maybe it needs to be stressed that this is more of the horror kind of vampire, not the kind you want to have in your bed… or anywhere near you.

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