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In just over a week, USA will bring Suits back for its second season. Having already seen the season premiere, I was happy to discover that one of my absolute favorite moments from the episode made its way online. Check it out ahead to see what movie character Mike is impersonating.

I had the opportunity to visit the set of Suits late last month. We'll be posting some details on that experience at some point between now and the Season 2 premiere (next Thursday). In the meantime, USA released this clip from the episode, which has Mike making light of what sounds like a pretty serious situation.

"Karen! Where's the money, Karen!"

Who doesn't love a good (or fair but amusing) Ray Liotta impersonation? As a fan of Goodfellas, I wholly approve.

More importantly? Is Mike about to get whacked… in the figurative sense? When Season 1 left off, it was looking like Trevor was going to reveal Mike's biggest secret to Jessica. Did he tell her? And is that the reason she invited him to dinner? We'll find out when Season 2 premieres, June 14 on USA.

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