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If you were watching Sunday Night Football on NBC last night, you may have gotten a glimpse at one girlfriend’s act of revenge. Not exactly in the spirit of Christmas, but amusing nonetheless, NBC’s broadcast of the Packers game last night included a shot of the crowd, which featured one girl using a sign to show she was getting the last laugh.

As you’ll see in the video below (via the Hollywood Reporter), a fan at the Packers/Bears game, which aired on NBC on Christmas Day, used a sign to show off that her “Cheating ex-boyfriend is watching the game from the couch instead,” while she enjoyed the game live from the stands. The cameras caught the sign and zoomed in on it during the game, which was viewed by millions of people (About 16.7 million according to the preliminary overnight ratings). Forgiveness may be divine, but showing off a sign at the game in the wake of a bad break-up probably inspires more chuckles. Merry Christmas?