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When I first heard about BBC Three's Being Human, I was immediately intrigued. The premise is pretty simple, a werewolf and a vampire move in with a ghost in an apartment, and all three try to live their lives as normal as possible. Now I'm even more excited to see that Syfy has ordered 13 episodes of an American version of the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This has nothing to do with my thoughts on the British iteration, because I think it was brilliant. Being Human came stateside courtesy of BBC America, but there have only been six episodes made (along with a pilot featuring mostly different actors that didn't air in the US). Just as I was absolutely falling in love with Annie (the ghost), George (the werewolf), and John Mitchell (the vampire), it ended. Already Syfy is promising me more than twice that number of episodes!

The series wrote its own rules about vampires and ghosts and revealed a vast and complex vampire conspiracy underway. The Syfy version promises to establish its own identity, rather than being a word-for-word take on the original, which is great. They're thinking of it as a great companion piece for Sanctuary, which also deals with creatures from fantasy.

With Sanctuary doing well already, and Being Human being -- well, great! -- it's a solid idea. Human will be a much better fit for Sanctuary than Stargate Universe. That one might go well with the forthcoming Caprica.