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TLC Strives For Cheer Perfection With New Cheerleading Special

From what I've seen of TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras, the series is a disturbing look into the world of child pageantry and the parents determined for their little ones to shine at all costs. Based on what we're shown in the trailer for TLC's upcoming special Cheer Perfection, which just so happens to come from the producers of T&T, competitive cheerleading for children can be just as cutthroat.

Set to premiere next month, TLC's Cheer Perfection is set in Cheer Time Revolution in Arkansas and takes viewers inside the world of competitive cheerleading as various kids try to earn a spot on a cheer team. As you'll see, that's no easy task and a lot is expected of these children.

It's just like the pageants… except in this case, the kids are expected to perform various (potentially dangerous) acrobatic tricks in addition to smiling and being perfect. Admittedly, my knowledge of cheerleading, competitive or otherwise, is limited, and but these kids seem a bit young to be put through such grueling workouts, no? While I'm all for teaching kids to be competitive and strive for their best, words like "If you fall again, I'm going to replace you." and "I want my kids to be perfect every day." are chills-inducing. But for those who want to see how things turn out, the special is set to premiere on TLC on July 11 at 10/9c.

· Alisha, the head coach and co-owner of Cheer Time Revolution. A nationals-winning coach, Alisha trains champions and expects perfection. At the same time, no one can doubt her heart and her dedication to bringing the best out of her cheerleaders, and no one cheers louder than her when her trainees succeed. Her talented daughter Cassidee gets no special favors, but shows just as much enthusiasm as her mother. Alisha’s husband, RD, works with her at the gym, and they have two additional daughters, Cambree and Chanlee.· Ann, the mother of Torrann, sees herself as the top of the gym’s pecking order. Passionate about winning, her perspective is “I don’t spend all this money to lose.”· Bonnie, new to the gym, is the mother of Alana. She is determined to make Alisha notice her daughter, which could lead to a rivalry with Ann.· Mandy, the mother of Olivia, puts her faith in Alisha to make her daughter a top cheerleader.· Shannon, the mother of Brooke, finds herself caught between her desire to win and her fear for her daughter’s injured back.

Kelly West
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