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TV Recap - Celebrity Apprentice - Sports Illustrated

It’s no secret that I am straight up tired of this show – but the ending of tonight’s episode almost made it all worth it. The competition tonight involved a magazine spread for Sports Illustrated with the Knicks’ David Lee and Right Guard deodorant.

Since the majority of the show was stupid, I’m not going to spend a ton of time on the show, and just shoot straight for the ending. Since Herschel was fired last week, Kotu was down to 2 members and Athena had 4. Since that is clearly not fair, Trump moves Jesse over to Kotu, much to his dismay.

Clint takes the wheel for Kotu, and Brandy is in charge for Athena. And when I say Clint takes the wheel, I mean it. He is getting better at “listening” but he’s still sucking at making his team feel like they have any contribution in the task. Brandy, on the other hand, is great at over-delegating, and doing the minimum amount of work necessary.

For Athena, Annie does all the work, Melissa does all the bitching, and Brandy does a great job at looking good. Jesse comes up with a couple of killer ideas for Kotu, Clint takes them and morphs them into something unrecognizable to Jesse and it doesn’t go well.

Melissa spends the entire episode complaining about Brandy and Annie. She equates their behavior to “High School”, and basically comes across as the sort-of pretty girl that was clearly excluded from being one of the popular kids. Seriously, her whining is so over the top it’s ridiculous. On the other hand, Annie brags about her abilities and incessantly drops that David Lee is one of her “friends,” and is just as annoying as Melissa.

After the photo shoot, Clint and the graphic designer are setting up their ad. He asks Jesse what he thinks, and Jesse suggests that they should hit delete and start over, even though the presentation is nearing. Joan kind of stands back and lets the sh!t hit the fan.

The presentations weren’t great, but Clint did better than Annie. The Right Guard guys like both campaigns, and tell Trump (but annoyingly, not us) who wins.

In the boardroom, Jesse fully vents his anger at Clint’s behavior, but in the end it didn’t matter because Kotu won. Clint, Jesse and Joan leave and head out to watch the carnage that’s about to come next.

It seems that Brandy is going to be going at the suggestion of Jim Kramer. She was the PM, and she didn’t take responsibility for anything.

In the boardroom, Annie takes responsibility for the task, and says that she shouldn’t be fired because of it. That may seem counterintuitive, because they lost, and clearly the person who did the most work probably screwed it up. But, that’s not how it worked out. Brandy admits that she gave Annie the main tasks because she felt like they were best suited to her.

Trump explains that though Brandy didn’t do a great job, she and Annie are the highest earners and that is really all that matters. Melissa is fired. Oh, but the show isn’t over yet.

Melissa storms around the building, demanding that the producers give her back her stuff. A profanity-laced tirade prompts them to do just that. Melissa storms into the room where her mom and the rest of Kotu are waiting. Mother-hen Joan kicks in and grabs her own stuff.

Joan screams at Brandy and throws her coat on. Brandy explains that she’s in it to raise money for charity and Joan kind of says charities are stupid. Melissa screams that she isn’t coming back, and they aren’t getting an interview. They both storm off, and it’s unclear if Joan will come back or not.

What a train wreck.