TV Recap: Entourage - Gary's Desk

This week’s episode of ‘Entourage,’ titled “Gary’s Desk,” was a star-studded event. Gary Busey, Mary J. Blige and Peter Jackson all made appearances. Meanwhile, Eric came to the realization that without Ari’s assistance, no one in the industry knows who he is. Ari had twin-drama at the office and Drama got smurf-ified by Gary Busey. Oh yeah, and Shauna was back for about three minutes.

Since Eric has no plans to work with Vince and Billy on the movie, he’s planning to devote his time to finding more work for Vince. He rented himself a shabby little office in L.A. and decided to try and get Vince a gig working with Peter Jackson on his new video game project. Eric quickly learns that no one has any idea who he is. He figured he’d put an ad in Variety announcing that he’s Vince’s manager but Variety won’t print it without proof that Eric is who he says he is.

Later, Shauna calls Eric, having learned from Variety that some guy claiming be Vince’s manager tried to print an ad in the paper. She reminds him (and us) that if he needs to get his name out, he has to go through her. She sets up an interview for Eric with Variety. During the interview, Eric makes the mistake of mentioning that he lives with Vince. He realized this was a bad idea right away so he wasn’t surprised when Variety centered the article on nepotism. Vince blows the whole thing off but obviously; the whole thing disgusts Eric. I mean, his whole goal was to get people to take him seriously and the article pretty much did the opposite of that.

As it turned out though, Peter Jackson caught the article and finally returned Eric’s phone call. He didn’t care about what Variety said and seemed eager to work with Vince on his gaming project. So as usual, everything worked out fine in the end.

After seeing Eric’s office, Vince decided to buy his friend/manager a desk. He, Turtle and Drama found a desk at a Hollywood antique store but its already been sold to Gary Busey. The desk, having been in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and later owned by Robert De Niro made Vince really want the desk for Eric so the three guys went over to Busey’s to see if they could buy it from him, despite Turtle’s fear of the guy.

Busey didn’t want to sell the desk to Vince, but being the eccentric guy that he is, said he’d give it to him if he could paint Drama. Something about bringing out Drama’s true beauty. When he said, “paint Drama” he meant just that. Drama allowed Busey to splash blue paint all over him. In return, they got the desk and had it brought over to Eric’s office. The big desk wouldn’t fit up the tiny stairway though so Vince figured out another solution. He rented Eric a suite of offices in a nicer area of town. This was a nice surprise for Eric, who had just read the Variety article. The first call Eric got in his new office was from Peter Jackson so that was an even nicer surprise.

Finally, Ari was on edge because Mary J. Blige was coming into the office. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect but unfortunately two of his agents weren’t will to play along with the “No More Drama” theme of the day. The agents were twins, Jeff and Jim. They were fighting because Jeff slept with Jim’s wife. When Ari learned this, he asked what many of us were probably wondering. Did Jeff pretend to be Jim when he slept with Jim’s wife? The answer was no and the guys were kind of disgusted by the question.

Ari realized after the physical brawl Jim and Jeff had, that they wouldn’t be able to work with each other anymore. When he learned that Jeff out-earned Jim, he fired Jim despite the fact that the whole issue was Jeff’s fault. Then he got back to work preparing for Mary J. Blige’s arrival and hoping nothing would go wrong.

No one was more excited to see Mary J. than Lloyd. He even wore her favorite scent, which didn’t go unnoticed by Ms. Blige the moment she walked into the office. Another thing that didn’t go unnoticed was Jim’s absence. Apparently, Jim had a great relationship with Mary and she appreciated the hand-written notes he sent with every script. Ari tried to sell Mary on Jeff but she didn’t like Jeff’s roaming eyes. Just as Ari was walking Mary out, she ran into Jim on the elevator and he told her why he was fired. Mary was disgusted by Ari for firing Jim just because he earned less than Jeff and based on Ari’s reaction later, it looks like she fired him. Ari took his anger on Jeff and sent him packing.

In terms of the overall story arc for this season, not much really happened in this episode other than Vince setting Eric up with a sweet suite and Eric getting in touch with Peter Jackson. But Busey’s weirdness more than made up for the lack of relevant plot. This episode also marked yet another week in which Drama sunk to a new low. Last week it was the bunny suit and the furry-lady. This week he was splattered with blue paint for the sake of art (and an antique desk). What could they possibly do to him next?

Kelly West
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